Bluetooth Car Diagnostic Scan Tool Automotive Check Engine Light Code Scanner ELM327 OBD2/OBD-II Code Reader Compatible with Android and Windows Adapter Price: £15.90 £9.99 (as of 17/06/2019 06:10 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

Read, erase and display code descriptions problems – both standard and spetskodov manufacturers. Measure the fuel consumption.

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Read, erase and display code descriptions problems – both standard and spetskodov manufacturers. Measure the fuel consumption.

Display real-time operating performance of the car, such as momentum, vehicle speed, oil pressure, coolant temperature, engine load, intake manifold pressure, throttle position, the values of oxygen sensors, air intake temperature, and more. Turn off the MIL (signal Check Engine).

ELM327 wireless bluetooth OBD-II diagnosis system the use of the software of Scantool, Scanmaster, Proscan, PcmSCAN, Digimoto, AT can also use HyperTerminal collocation instruction.

Supported OBD-II On-board Diagnostic Communication Protocol:

ISO9141-2(5 baud init,10.4Kbaud)
ISO14230-4 KWP(5 baud init,10.4 Kbaud)
ISO14230-4 KWP(fast init,10.4 Kbaud)
ISO15765-4 CAN(11bit ID,500 Kbaud)
ISO15765-4 CAN(29bit ID,500 Kbaud)
ISO15765-4 CAN(11bit ID,250 Kbaud)
ISO15765-4 CAN(29bit ID,250 Kbaud)
Output protocol: RS232
Baud rate: 9600 or 38400
LED indicator: OBDTx/Rx, RS232Tx, power supply
Working voltage: 12V
Working current: 45mA

Support Vehicles Model:

BMW, Ford, MINI, Astra, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, liana, qashqai,
Chrysler, Dodge, Acura, BYD F3/F0, Chery 09 Alto Fawkes 11,
SUZUKI, Honda, TOYOTA, Mazda, MITSUBISHI, NISSAN, Subaru 01 Mercedes Benz w203,
Land Rover, Chevrolet, Skoda, Infiniti, KIA, Hyundai, Geely panda 05 excelle,
Audi, Saab, Opel, Citroen, Peugeot, Volvo, Fiat, and so on.
Full OBD II protocols(vital!). Compatible with model year 1996 and newer cars, Chrysler Ford Honda Mazda Nissan Toyota VW & More OBDII Cars and light trucks sold in the US, including all American, European, and Asian vehicles.
Compatible with all Androids and Windows Devices, you are free to perform diagnostics checks Last more, have more stable connections, nonspecific & manufacturer specific codes. clear the fault code and turn off the MIL/ Check Engine Light and display real time sensor data on your Android or Windows Device. (Not compatible with iOS -iPhone iPad)
High-end OBD2 bluetooth technology. Small and compact design. it should have a 16-pin DLC (Data Link Connector) under the dash in your car OBDII port. High reliable wireless bluetooth connection. read generic and manufacturer specific diagnostic trouble codes, and show their definitions (software incorporates more than 3000 fault codes)
Display current sensor data, including Engine RPM,Calculated Load Value,Coolant Temperature,Fuel System Status, Vehicle Speed, Short Term Fuel Trim, Long Term Fuel Trim, Intake Manifold Pressure, Timing Advance, Intake Air Temperature, Air Waft Rate, Absolute Throttle Position, Oxygen sensor voltages/associated short term fuel trims, Fuel System status, Fuel Pressure.
Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years! 30-day money back guarantee, 12-month hassle-free replacement warranty and easy to achieve, friendly customer give a boost to.