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Foxwell NT200 Review

Foxwell NT200 Review




When you see the “Check Engine” light flickering on the dash, isn’t it frustrating when you have no idea what causes it? Isn’t it more annoying when you do not know what to do? Should you pull over? Should you go to a shop right away? This is when you will need the help of a car code reader, which works to diagnose engine problems and therefore guide you if you should continue driving or not. Just plug it into the computer system of your car, and it will show the trouble code. If you have a basic knowledge of car engines, owning a Foxwell CAN OBDII/EOBD Code Reader NT200 is valuable because it will give you a head start. It will offer you quick access to trouble codes that will assist you in identifying specific engine problem and solution at an affordable price.


Foxwell NT200 Features


  • Plug and play – This device is so easy to use. Make sure the engine is off before using. Plug the car code reader into the diagnostic connector, which you can find under the dash. Start your car and check the trouble code displayed on the screen.
  • On-screen fault code definitions – You do not have to refer to the instruction manual to read the definitions for the error codes as you can read them on-screen.
  • Support for multiple code requests – Compatible with generic, as well as manufacturer-specific and pending regulations.
  • Multi-lingual support – The Foxwell CAN OBDII/EOBD Code Reader NT200 offers support for German, French, Spanish, English and other languages.
  • Warranty – In case you will have an issue with the car code reader, a one-year warranty protects you.
  • Monitor and I/M Readiness status display – With this feature, you’ll be able to know the availability status – ready, not ready and N/A or N/S.
  • OBDII/EOBD compatibility – This diagnostic tool works with OBDII and EOBD vehicles.
  • Real-time data streams – The Foxwell CAN OBDII/EOBD Code Reader NT200 offers live data streams to provide real-time information from the sensors of the engine.
  • Temperature – Operating: 0 to 60℃, storage: -20 to 70℃
  • Display – 128 pixels x 64 pixels, backlit with contrast adjustment
  • External power: 8 to 18 V (given through the vehicle OBD port)




Foxwell NT200 Review Pros and Cons


Every product has its pros and cons. For Foxwell CAN OBDII/EOBD Code Reader NT200, you will need to know the affirmative and the negative so you can assess if it’s worth your investment. Here are the good sides:


  • It requires no batteries. You can be sure that you can use it whenever you need it; no problem about your batteries being low or drained. There’s no such thing.
  • The structure is well-built. You know you can use it for a longer span of time. The design is compact as well that you can hold it comfortably.
  • Using your USB cable, you can perform software and DTC updates for free.
  • Did you lose the copy of your CVN, CID and VIN? There’s no reason to worry because this car code reader helps in recovering vehicle information.
  • The backlit LCD screen is big thus reading the information on the device is so easy.
  • Because it offers one year warranty, you are protected for your purchase even for 12 months only.
  • Code definitions are readily available. You do not have to research each time an unfamiliar code appears.
  • It is easy to operate as you can already make it work in two ways: plug then play.
  • Language will not be a barrier as it supports multiple languages, including Spanish, English, German, French and others.
  • Foxwell CAN OBDII/EOBD Code Reader NT200 is the most affordable engine diagnostic device.
  • It is very efficient and offers fast troubleshooting when vehicle engine issues occur.


As for the downside, here’s the only one: It’s an engine diagnostic tool that tells you what causes your engine to malfunction. It gives you an idea of where to start: fix it on your own or call a technician or mechanic. So don’t expect too much as it can’t do everything.




Are you a D-I-Y (Do It Yourself) person? Then buying best car code reader Foxwell CAN OBDII/EOBD Code Reader NT200 should be one of your goals as it is specifically designed for guys like you. It offers easy and fast access to engine troubles, both on OBDII- and EOBD-compliant vehicles. Using this car code reader, you will feel empowered because each time an engine issue arises, you only need to plug it then check the monitor and you’ll see the fault code, which tells you the problem and eventually enlightens you on the next thing to do. This is the ideal engine diagnostic tool for individuals like you who, as much as possible, want to fix simple car engine issues on your own. Now, it becomes cost-efficient as you do not have to spend for this type of service

FOXWELL DIY OBD2 Scanner OBD II/EOBD Automotive Diagnostics Scan Tool Check Car Engine Fault Code Reader (Foxwell NT200)

● Foxwell NT200 car diagnostic tool can read and erase the fault codes. Show the codes definitions directly, no need look up library from Internet or the User Manual. Turn off the MIL and reset monitors. Displays live vehicle sensors data, freeze frame data, emission testing, monitor and I/M readiness status and PCM data stream. Retrieves vehicle information (VIN,CID and CVN).
● Works on most Standard OBD2/EOBD protocol cars, SUVs, mini-vans(12V) .European and Asian from 2000 year, US from 1996 year, Japanese from 2008 year.
● Fast to scan the vehicle engine healthy status. Fix simple issues yourself before visiting the mechanic. It can retrieve same information as expensive scanners; keep engine performance in good shape with regular inspections and prevents future costly repairs.

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