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Foxwell AutoMaster Pro NT644 Review

Foxwell nt644 pro review All System All Make car faults Scanner



Best professional automotive diagnostic scanner 2017

Are you a certified car technician and do you need help to make your work competent? Do you own a shop and you are looking at making the work process, particularly in checking car problems, fast and efficient? Are you a car enthusiast who owns several units of vehicles and you want to at least understand car issues and more importantly, learn how to solve simple problems? You definitely need a best automotive diagnostic scanner. This car diagnostic scanner works by scanning a vehicle’s electronic control unit or electronic system to identify the source of the malfunction and subsequently make the necessary correction or solution. Particularly, you will need a handheld device specially designed for the professionals because it boasts more features than other affordable versions.


The Foxwell AutoMaster Pro NT644 All System All Make Scanner with Oil/EPB/Battery/DPF/TPS/TBA Functions is a top choice. Foxwell Distinguished experts in the industry developed this tool. It offers wider system coverage of 49 car manufacturers and supports both OBDI- and OBDII-compliant vehicles. More important, it offers a more accurate diagnosis that results in highly reliable performance. Read more below.

 Foxwell AutoMaster Pro NT644 car faults scanner car faults scanner car faults scanner




Foxwell AutoMaster Pro NT644 is rich in features, including those that are not found in the cheaper versions of this car faults scanner:

  • Full system coverage for 49 car makers, including diagnostic, electronic parking brake, oil service reset, Diesel Particulate Filter, and battery replacement and validation functions
  • Support for both OBDI and OBII cars, minivans, SUVs and light-duty trucks available all over the world
  • Compatible with the latest 2012 and 2013 models
  • Offer the sophisticated Electronic Park Brake feature on 13 manufacturers
  • Live sensor data requests and recordings
  • Compatible with all 10 OBDII test modes
  • Back the 10 OBDII test modes, including O2 sensor test, live data and component test
  • Feature reset functions of dealer level oil light and service light for 32 vehicle manufacturers
  • Display live data graphing
  • Interpret and clear codes
  • Turn off all the system’s Malfunction Indicator Lamps (MILs)
  • Recover information on the Electronic Control Unit
  • Feature the improved OBDII Mode 6 function
  • Include code definitions
  • Support for several languages
  • Show freeze frame data
  • Consist of SD memory card to enable backup of data and update of software
  • Feature code troubleshooters to enable easy and quick diagnosis
  • Combine PID graphs to allow simple and intuitive analysis
  • 480×272 TFT color display
  • Temperature: Working – 0 to 60°; storage – -20 to 70°
  • 8-18 V external power (from the car’s battery)
  • Menu-driven operations
  • Large TFT colour screen
  • Well-built and ergonomic in design, suitable for both road and shop tests
  • Support most electronic systems, such as instrument cluster, Immobiliser, ABS, engine, climate control, airbags, automatic transmission, power steering and others


Foxwell AutoMaster Pro NT644 All System All Make car faults Scanner Pros and Cons

 With Foxwell AutoMaster Pro NT644 All System All Make Scanner with Oil/EPB/Battery/DPF/TPS/TBA Functions, you can’t be wrong in your decision to buy it as the majority of consumers expressed satisfaction on the product online

  • One customer already used the car faults scanner on several vehicles, including the 2011 Ford Mondeo and he had not encountered any issue up until now.
  • It’s worth the price, considering that it covers a huge number of systems of car manufacturers.
  • One client was so happy to note that he discovered his vehicles’ DTCs (Dynamic Traction Control) in the HVAC and Audio components. He was not aware that these were in existence.
  • It is highly recommended by users because of its amazing and useful features.
  • Best for those who cannot understand the English language as it also supports other languages, such as Spanish and French.
  • Updating this car faults scanner is not difficult as long as you have Internet access. You can always have the latest bug fixes. And You can also use it for your new vehicle (because it has been updated). Or You can even take advantage of the new parameters and functionality.
  • Because it is covered by the rubberized sleeve, it can stand impact.
  • As it is well-constructed, you can feel relaxed, knowing that it will last for a longer span of time.
  • Errors are easily detected, viewed and corrected in only a single click as Foxwell NT644 Pro can access the wide range of controllers, including airbags and ABS. Using this for your car, you can feel safe knowing that you have this car faults scanner to tell you the errors.
  • It comes with a user guide that will teach you how to use it.
  • In case you need to retrieve the VIN code, this device can do it fast and accurately.
  • The graph and text formats of the live vehicle sensors data let you see and focus on the real issue.
  • Updating is so easy. Simply insert the handheld diagnostic tool’s SD card into the computer’s SD card slot and the application will be updated automatically. However, before the update, you will need to install the Foxwell scan tool update application first.


If there are things that are worth noting on the downside, these are:


  • The update is not free after 18 months from the date of registration. You will need to spend to be able to update the software and enjoy new features.
  • The car faults scanner is pricey – not everyone can afford to buy it.




Foxwell AutoMaster Pro NT644 All System All Make Scanner with Oil/EPB/Battery/DPF/TPS/TBA Functions is expensive – but it is worth your investment. Whether you are a car enthusiast, a professional technician or an auto body shop owner, this is suitable to your needs. Because it is packed with features not found in other diagnostic tools, this car faults scanner makes it more reliable and more accurate in diagnosis. It detects and corrects errors faster. What’s best is that in case this device releases new features, simply update the application and you’ll have them as well.

Foxwell NT640 All System Scanner for GM, Chrysler, Ford Vehicle

Foxwell NT640 provides workshops, technicians and enthusiasts alike affordable professional diagnostic solutions.
Works on the latest 2012/2013 models
Coverage includes major American manufacturers

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